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"Arliss and His Suit of Armor": a Quarray Story
by Dahl Quarray
illustrations by Jeanne A. Benas

In this tale, told in rhyme, Dahl Quarray introduces us to a little boy who learns to triumph over adversity and to remain true to himself. Arliss has a speech impediment that attracts teasing and bullying from his schoolmates. He decides to defend himself by donning a suit of armor. All the while he learns to fit inside his own personality instead of trying to fit in with the crowd. He remains Arliss throughout his school years.

His determination to be himself eventually is rewarded when a lovely surprise named Ariane from Milan steps off the school bus. Despite much competition for her attention among his peers, including the teasers, Ariane chooses to sit with Arliss, because he is a person who stands “on his own.”

The tale has more rewards in store for Arliss and, through perseverance and integrity, he discovers that life is more beautiful when you enjoy it as yourself, not as somebody else.

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