I am not Dahl Quarray; I am me, the author of "Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line", "Short Stories & Tall Tales", and more. Dahl Quarray is a pseudonym.

I am hiding neither from the law, creditors, jealous husbands nor a sordid past. I have not been diagnosed paranoid, agoraphobic, obsessive-compulsive or multiple personality disorder, yet.

I chose a pseudonym in attempts to preserve the privacy and serenity of my life as it is in these later years. That may sound egotistical to anticipate the need to defend against celebrity as a result of writing, but while I have no interest in celebrity, one cannot anticipate the surprises around every corner of life, pleasant or otherwise.

In my suburban spot in northeastern United States, I enjoy seclusion with the choice of bustle mere moments away; uninterrupted hours of contemplation or relaxation by virtue of a phone message system and a locked door, either of which can be answered; the profound joy afforded by a backyard full of old trees and shrubs, herb and vegetable gardens and critters of all kinds. I spend much time “Listening to Silence” after decades of noise (see page 8 of "Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line"). This journey has taken me “Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line” (see page 63 of "Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line"). I invite you to join me as you read my log and wonder where you’d wander, if you wandered off some day.

As for using a pseudonym, I believe "What’s in a Name" is much less important than what’s in the heart (see page 47 of "Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line"). Thus, I chose Dahl Quarray, which in Italian, dal cuore means: "from the heart".

me a.k.a. Dahl Quarray

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