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What Readers Are Saying About Dahl Quarray's Books:

Matthew and son Huxley, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I have been reading both of your latest books, Beyond the Sky and Water Line and Dahl Quarray's Short Stories and Tall Tales. Your ability to get inside the heads of Italians, Native Americans, Jews, and people of every kind and to make their stories so real, it cannot but help us all to understand better the people who are part of the life of all of us. Your graphic descriptions make all your stories fascinating and never boring. Your poetry in Beyond the Sky and Water Line is not just poetry, but lessons in life, and you make the simplest things winsome and alive. I hope these two volumes reach many people, as I am sure they will love them and be enriched by them." -- Fr. Joe Girzone, author of the "Joshua" series

"It's like being told bedtime stories by your wise, old, warm, loving grandpa." -- Abigail L., violinist/vocalist, New York City

Just wanted to tell you I started Short Stories...Some are great reads for bedtime stories to my nieces. When I read the "Slap" I easily pictured the pack of boys, the street, etc. and I love the names you came up with. -- Francine S

"It's a beautiful contribution. Good reading is such a treasure today but reading does not have the place of high esteem it deserves." -- Sister Mary Ann, retired nun and librarian

"We both have finished reading your book (Short Stories & Tall Tales) and we say WOW! To us this is the best work you have published. Your imagination blows our minds. It was interesting to recognize a number of situations that you have told me were part of your experiences even though they were disguised. Mary had begun reading the book while we were having lunch and finished it within seven hours. I'm a slower reader but have also finished. The variety of subjects in the various stories kept them fresh and interesting. You never cease to amaze us. Mary wants you to know that she was particularly moved by 'The Daisy Patch' but she loved the whole book." -- Phil and Mary J., retired administrator and educator, New York's Capitol Region

"I just wanted to let you know that your website’s ‘about’ page has touched my heart and I thank you for bringing jambbal into existence. My son & I enjoyed your book as our bedtime reading and he has asked for ‘more’!" -- Elisabeth R-A, bookstore owner, Duanesburg, New York

"Fables are multi-layered and anyone can get something from them. Children will like the animal characters and adults (some anyway) will plumb the deeper meanings and the life comparisons." -- Nancy M. P., teacher and educator, Berne, New York

"I love the concept of blending the best of the ideas from all of the different belief systems!" -- Carl D.P., Physician Assistant, Albany, New York

"I've just read several of your fables and really enjoyed them. If I were still teaching I'd use the fables in my reading class." -- Feige B, retired high school Reading teacher, New York City

"For reasons I don't understand, I really enjoyed your book. The stories are pure, simple and embracing." -- Les H, pianist, New York City

"I keep 'Fables by jambbal' on my coffee table and read often - they mean something different each time I read them!!!" -- Judy L, retired bond trader, New Hampshire

"Loved the 'About Jambbal' page -- a good lesson for everybody. DQ's 'Short Stories and Tall Tales' is great. It is entertaining, thought provoking and, at times, emotional. Brilliant!" -- Kay R. H., retired travel agent, Rochester, New York


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