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"The Perfect Ball": a Quarray Story
by Dahl Quarray
illustrations by Jeanne A. Benas
The Perfect Ball

In this tale, told in prose, Dahl Quarray introduces us to Anton, a little boy who loves to play games with balls – all kinds of balls – big balls, small balls, soft balls, hard balls, bouncy balls, rolly balls, throwy balls, catchy balls. Anton needs lots and lots of balls to play all the games he loves to play. He begins to wonder if, maybe, there is one ball he can use to play all the games he loves to play, a perfect ball. So Anton begins to search for The Perfect Ball.

Anton looked in his house, his yard, his neighborhood, but every ball he found was not the perfect ball. So he looked further away in a big city, at the bottom of the ocean, high up in the sky far, far away from home, but still he could not find The Perfect Ball. As he was about to give up in defeat, a beautiful surprise greeted him and taught him the lesson: there's no place like home.

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