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"I wonder where I'd wander,
If I wandered off some day,
Beyond the sky-and-water line
That seems so far away?”

Come along and hitch a ride on Dahl Quarray’s flights of fancy and walks through the whimsical world where he lives. But be prepared to stop and ponder as often as you giggle and guffaw. His words make both sense and nonsense. His themes span bridges of understanding as well as inane paths to nowhere in particular, but always with a purpose: to entertain, to inspire, to pose ideas, to bring you somewhere you yourself hadn’t thought to go, but are happy you did.

Dahl Quarray steers his literary vehicle with skill, sensitivity and a clear sense of direction, which can only be described as “east/west/north/south.” The horizons of his world are not boundaries; they are invitations to reach beyond the sky-and-water lines we see every day. Aware that they beckon you, Dahl Quarray helps guide your journeys wherever they lead.

"Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line"
by Dahl Quarray
Illustrations by Jeanne A. Benas
Cover Photo by Jonathan A. Cohen


The Rhymes in "Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line" are:
Mr. Waddif and Friends
Upside Down Trees
Listening to Silence
Mommy’s Humming
My Nonna
I’m Invisible
My Writing Place
Mrs. Rausch’s 6th Grade Class
The Chooser
Rules is Rules
My Part
Toenail Rant
I’m a Grump
My Enemy
No Rush
Then You Are
If I Could Make a Dog
A Visit to the Zoo
Peace and War
Sweethearts on a Porch Swing
Smootchie Wootchie
Just a Kiss
A Friend
What’s in a Name?
Lucy in the Louvre
Pretty, Pretty Mary Alice
Giving It Up For Lent
If Only I Could
Old Basements
Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line


Title Poem: "Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line"

(best read on a seashore as dusk blurs the horizon)

I wonder where I’d wander,
If I wandered off some day.
           Beyond the sky-and-water line
That seems so far away?

I might make my way to Chile.
I may take a left to Greece
          Or straight ahead to Chad, instead,
Or China, if you please.

I could wind up alone
Behind a basement door
          Or cheering loud in a soccer crowd
As the striker kicks a score.

I wonder if I wandered off
Just where I would end up.
          Laid ‘cross a lea or adrift in tea
Inside a giant’s cup?

Perhaps I’d find my right leg
Caught by a giant shell
          Or trapped in a bubble in the middle of trouble
Or I might actually be in Hell!

I think it’s much, much safer
To stay beneath my sheet
          And while in bed wander with my head
Instead of with my feet.


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© Copyright 2011-14 Dahl Quarray • published by NGC Publishing